IWSearch Tutorial

1. How to query IWSearch

Step 1: obtain the URL of IWSearch


Example Java code
        String szService = "http://onto.rpi.edu/iwsearch/iwsearch?";

Step 2: specify query params

Value Range
Example Value
usesSearchService the choice of specific servics provided by IWSearch, we only have one service right now

hasSearchString the search string to be run on the search index URL-Encoded String
usesSearchResultSyntax the choice of syntax for encoding the reponse generated by IWSearch {HTML,RDFXML, N3,NT}

[Note1]: search http://inference-web.org/2007/10/service/iwsearch.owl for instances of search:SearchService

[Note2]: you may use java.net.URLEncode to encode  the search string when you
        URLEncoder.encode( your_string, "UTF-8")

[Note3]: search http://inference-web.org/2007/10/service/archive.owl for instances of  pmlp:Language

Example Java code
        String szQuery ="";
        szService += "usesSearchService="+"search_pml_instance";
        szService += "hasSearchString="+URLEncoder.encode("type:Person");
        szService += "usesSearchResultSyntax="+"RDFXML";

Step 3: generate the URL for querying IWSearch 

the serach result will be returned as HTTP response to this URL


Examlple Java code:
       String url =  szService+ szQuery;

Step 4: parse the returned Document and get the result

Value Range
Example Value
isSearchSucceed whether the search is succeed {true, false} true
hasSearchTotalResults the total matching results non-negative integer 18
hasSearchRequest the request generating this reponse instance of SearchRequest n/a
hasSearchProcessSeconds the number of seconds for processing this query float 0.332

InstanceMetadata: the search result for  (search_pml_instance), each PML instance's metadata is stroed in one instance of InstanceMetadata.
Value Range
Example Value
rdfs:label the name of thePML instance String Deborah L. McGuinness
dc:identifier the URI of the PML instance URI http://inference-web.org/registry/PER/DLM.owl#DLM
dc:source the source publishing the PML instance URI http://inference-web.org/registry/PER/DLM.owl
dc:date when the metadata about this  PML instance has been indexed Date 2007-05-30T09:30:10Z

Note: you may want to use jena to parse the search result

Example Java Code:
       Model m  = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel();
        // check if the results
        Iterator iter = m.listSubjectsWithProperty(RDF.type, IWSEARCH.InstanceMetadata );
        while (iter.hasNext()){
                Resource subject = (Resource) iter.next();

                // get the metadata about this resource
                String label = getAttributeValue(m, subject, RDFS.label);
                String uri  = getAttributeValue(m, subject, DC.identifier);
                String source  = getAttributeValue(m, subject, DC.source);
                String date = getAttributeValue(m, subject, DC.date);
        String getAttributeValue(Model m, Resource subject, Property property){
                 Iterator iter = m.listObjectsOfProperty(subject, property);
                if (iter.hasNext()){
                    RDFNode value = (RDFNode) iter.next();
                    if (value.isURIResource()){
                        return ((Resource)value).getURI();
                    }else if (value.isLiteral()){
                        return ((Literal)value).getString();
                return null;                      
Notes: The example java code is ExampleIWSearchClient.java. It depends on JENA library and a vocabulary file IWSEARCH.java.
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